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Motocross Racing is Back!

We’re excited to bring motocross racing to Eureka, California for Humboldt County! Our weather is unbeatable for racing and our race tracks will be groomed by some of the best in the industry! We encourage you to spread the news and share the information. We hope to see you out on the track with us and follow us as we bring this amazing sport back to life in Humboldt County!

We would like to remind everyone to make sure to sign up a few days prior to any upcoming event. Due to event scheduling and management we will not be accepting applications the day or weekend of any upcoming or current event. Thank you for your consideration!

Upcoming Events

Practice – April 21ST, 2019
Practice – May 5TH, 2019
Race Round 1 – May 19TH, 2019
Mike Billington Memorial Race – June 2ND, 2019

Race Round 3 – July 28TH, 2019
Race Round 4 – August 18TH, 2019
Race Round 5 – September 15TH, 2019
Practice – September 29TH, 2019

Thank You Humboldt County!

We want to thank everyone for all of the support we  have received to make this possible! We’re committed to making every event memorable and improving the experience as we move forward. Stay tuned for updates as we improve our program and add more events.

Our Sponsors

Together we succeeded to organize this event in which we offer Motocross, Flat Track, and Trophy Kart Racing. This event is possible thanks to the involvement of our sponsors, contributors, and media partners.

Interested in Riding?

We’re always looking for new talent, just visit our contact form and sign up today!

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